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  • Yoga on a sunset Beach


Yoga classes, workshops, retreats and holidays for the mind, body and spirit.

Tracy Mulas has been teaching yoga and healing for thirteen years. In 2005 she qualified in Hatha yoga with FRYOG after studying a 200 hr course that completely changed the way she viewed the world. Since then Tracy has attended many courses and workshops in YogaTherapy, Pranayama. Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. She has taught one to one classes to people with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsey, Aspergers and limited mobility. Run groups for Fibromyalgia and yoga for children in schools. She now teaches a Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Since qualifying as a Yin yoga teacher in December 2017 she has been adding a Yin aspect to her classes creating a Yin and Yang Flow which has proved to be very popular amongst her students.

Her style  incorporates the spiritual aspects of yoga, mindfulness and self awareness. Along with personal development, positive affirmations promoting the healing system that yoga is, and leading her students into their own personal practice. Classes are both challenging and relaxing, energetic and meditaive. Tracy is passionate about what she teaches and this shows through in her warm and caring nature.

Tracy runs whole day workshops every other month on the Isle of Wight. She also teaches retreats and yoga holidays abroad - please check out the events page for regular updates of upcoming events . 








Regular Weekly Classes. 


0930 am until 1030 am -  camp hill community sports hall.  Gentle hatha flow -suitable for all levels including the complete beginner . This gentle hatha flow will focus on postures , breathing and sequences . a great way to start your monday morning with a workout for your mind body and spirit  £5 per session .

5.00pm until 6.00pm - Beginners Yoga at St. Marys Hospital Newport for NHS staff - Special price for NHS staff - £30 for a 6 week course . This hour long session focuses on releasing and managing stress.


6.00pm until 7:30pm - Power Yoga Flow at Gurnard Pines Fitness Center. £7 drop in price, free to Gurnard Pines members. This is a powerful and challenging flow which builds internal heat, increases stamina and strength while increasing flexibilty and reducing stress. We work with a new theme each week.


SUMMER CHANGE TO THIS CLASS .. THIS CLASS THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER WILL BE A YIN AND YANG CLASS BRINGING THE BALANCE BETWEEN EFFORT AND SURENDER . This class will start with a yin pose , then building up into a gentle hatha flow for the first half of this 90 minute class . we will then release and surrender as we move into the yin part of the class and finish with deep healing relaxation .  suitable for all levels and experiance of yoga .

during the winter this clas will return back to yin by candle light 


6.00pm until 7:30pm - Yin Yoga By Candle Light at Gurnard Pines Fitness Center. £7 drop in price, free for members of Gurnard Pines. (This class is highly recommended) In a Yin Yoga practice we aim to bring you into a meditative state where you can let go and sink into your Yin postures. The ambiance is created by the candle light and the sweet smelling aroma of lemon grass. This can bring a profound experiance to your practice and help you to go deep within. Postures are all floor based and mainly focus on the lower half of the body, the hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine as these areas are all rich in connective tissues, stimulating and hydrating the connective tissues through passive long holds (5 minutes plus) help to keep you flexible and mobile, release stress, balance our emotions, and still our mind. This is a challenging yet relaxing and meditative practice, suitable for all - from a complete beginner to the more advanced student, Yin Yoga is a very good practice to do alongside any other fitness regime.


New class !!!! inntermediate 

This class is aimed at people wanting to improve their yoga practice . we will work on sequences to warm the body leading towards a peak pose . we will also focus on corrections and adjustments helping you to get the most out of your practice and advancing your prayamama and meditation practice . 



330pm until 430pm - camphill community sports hall- Family yoga and dance  ,  family yoga provides a wonderful space to have some happy healthy time together away from the internet , tv and mobile phones all ages welcome . its a lovley way to bond and have some fun whilst leaning  how to relax and get fir with your kids.  trial price £5 per family . - This class will resume in september breaks for the summer hoilidays .


CLASS THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER !!!!  YOGA BY THE SEA , COWES SEAFRONT ISLE OF WIGHT ISLE OF WIGHT , MEET BY THE CABIN ON THE SEA FRONT (ICE CREAM HUT) 0830 AM TIL 0930AM - £5  PER PERON .  practicing yoga by the sea is a grat way to start your day , its energising and very healing . you will walk away feeling peaceful and alive !! come down and join us . 

8:30am until 10.00am - Hatha /Vinyasa Flow at Gurnard Pines Fitness Center. £5 for members and £7 for non members.  This class focuses on sequences that lead to a choosen peak pose. Warming, stretching and lengthening the body in preparation for a safe balanced practice. This class includes Pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation. Suitable for all levels. 


Tracy is also a Reiki Master teacher/practictioner and offers Reiki treatments, attunements and Reiki shares.

30 min session £15 

60 min session £25 

90 min session £40 

What a Reiki treatment with Tracy involves . 

During a Reiki session you will lie or sit comfortably. The session will begin by relaxing your body and your mind  by doing a very gentle breathing exercise. Reiki is then given by using specific hand placements over your body transferring the Reiki energy and symbols. This can be felt by a subtle or intense heat /tingling or just a deep sence  of relaxation as life force ki flows within the physical body and through the Chakra, Nadis/Meridians and Aura. Reiki heals by using its own intelligence and flowing through the affected parts of the body and energy field, charging it with positive energy. Reiki has no negative side effects.  Each Reiki treatment is different and individual to you depending on what you need. Tracy uses her intuition to offer guidence at the end of the session as she will quite often receive information during the Reiki treatment. 

To book a session with tracy:

Email:-  yogawithtracy@thegreenteayogi.co.uk 

Text :- 07779020018


One to one private yoga sessions.  60  minutes is £40  or book a block of six private classes for £200 and receive one free session. 

Enhance your own personal yoga practice by taking a private session with Tracy...  

Reasons to take a private class. 

Private classes are unique and tailored to meet your individual needs embracing your personal goals and limitations. These classes can aid in injury recovery and rehabilitation ensuring that every Asana (posture) meets the requirements of your recovery plans and gives you a safe and structured practice. 

If you are a complete beginner and unsure where to start, having a private session can teach you all the basics. Getting you familiar with the yoga poses and proper alignment techniques which are critcal for injury prevention. You can learn at your own pace without the pressure of a group  and you can feel comfortable that you are not practicing beyond your capabilites.

If you want the comfort of practicing in your own home and working on something particular such as relaxation, stress release,  anxiety or maybe certain poses you feel you would want to master then a private session would be good for you. The main thing to remember is that this is your personal practice and you can work on what ever you feel you need to or anything thing you would like to with an experienced teacher to guide you.

The cost of these sessions can also be split beween small groups who wish to practice together. (no more than 4  people.)